Rectifier transformer of 10 MW offshore wind turbine


It is the first 10 MW offshore permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine in China. Project: zpsg variable frequency transformer product description: the iron core adopts the through core positioning structure of multi-stage stepping process, and under various working conditions, the iron core has no transverse and longitudinal displacement; The winding is made of pressed cake or continuous structure, after VPI vacuum pressure impregnation and high temperature curing, with strong short circuit resistance; The body adopts the special air cooling guiding system, which has high heat dissipation efficiency and the product is safe and reliable; After the simulation analysis of the output impedance of the secondary side of the low voltage winding, the magnetic flux leakage distribution is reasonable, which fully meets the requirements of the inverter; Multiple technology is adopted to effectively suppress harmonic content, realize perfect harmonic free and prolong motor life. The products are vertical and horizontal in structure, which can meet the requirements of various frequency conversion systems; The maximum capacity of the product can reach 9000kva, which can realize 72 pulse rectification; Scope of application: mainly used in power plant boiler fan, water supply system, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, cement, coal industry and urban municipal engineering automation control system.

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