Qingdao aircraft carrier base


Qingdao Jiaodong aircraft carrier base is located in gugukou military port of Qingdao, which is China's first aircraft carrier military port. It was designed and constructed by the Chinese Navy and took four years to complete. The water, electricity, gas, oil and other supporting facilities of the wharf are complete. On the morning of February 27, 2013, the Liaoning ship berthed at the Qingdao aircraft carrier military port for the first time, marking that the Qingdao aircraft carrier military port has the berthing support capability. Liaoning ship will continue to carry out follow-up related tests and training here. CSD marine transformer psgd or PSCD offshore platform transformer product description: the iron core adopts high-quality and high magnetic conductivity silicon steel, multi-stage stepping process to reduce no-load loss; The winding can be made of enameled wire, silk wire or Nomex Paper wrapped wire, which can be applied to different insulation levels; Nomex Paper insulation system is first used to manufacture ship transformer and offshore platform transformer in China; The body adopts two process systems: VPI vacuum impregnation process and epoxy vacuum casting process; All fasteners and bare conductors are treated by special process to meet the three prevention requirements; The shell is equipped with waterproof groove, and the protection level can reach IP44, so the transformer is safe and reliable; The air-water cooling structure of air cooling and water cooling can be adopted to enhance the overload capacity of products; Scope of application: ships, ships and offshore platforms.

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