China Shenhua Group


Shenhua Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenhua Group) is an important state-owned backbone enterprise under the direct management of the central government. It is a super large energy enterprise based on coal, integrating power, railway, port, shipping, coal to liquid and coal chemical industry. It is the largest coal enterprise in China with the highest degree of modernization and the largest coal dealer in the world. The flameproof transformer produced by our company has a large capacity and complete qualification, and has provided high-quality power service for the major projects of Shenhua Group for a long time. Kbsgzy2-t mine flameproof mobile substation is adopted in the project. Product Description: the iron core is made of high-quality and high magnetic conductivity silicon steel, with full inclined seam and multi-stage stepping process, with low no-load loss; The iron core adopts three-dimensional fastening structure, and there is no transverse and longitudinal displacement under various working conditions; The high and low voltage windings adopt the combined winding process, combined with VPI vacuum pressure impregnation and high temperature curing to form a whole with high mechanical strength; The body adopts elliptical structure, the product is low in height and short in length, which is suitable for the space requirements of all kinds of mines; The shell adopts the corrugated cylinder structure of patented technology, with no water and dust on the top, good heat dissipation effect and strong explosion-proof performance; It adopts eight point fastening method, which is firm and reliable, and can be used in vertical well; Using Nomex Paper insulation system, the heat resistance level can reach C level, which can be recycled, safe and environmental protection; Scope of application: Mine Flameproof series products are widely used in coal mine and underground device power supply.

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