China Mobile International Information Port


China Mobile International Information Port: referred to as international information port, is the largest civil engineering project of China Mobile so far. Location: it is located at the junction of North Sixth Ring Road and Beijing Tibet expressway, and in Zhongguancun national engineering technology innovation base in Changping District. The recent construction scale is about 410000 square meters, including R & D center, data center, call center and academic exchange center. The construction scale of phase I project is 65000 square meters, mainly including data center, communication room and laboratory. Project construction features: communication room full professional system integration, high-tech and high reliability equipment room, to achieve and exceed the goal of green energy-saving design  。 Cabinet resources: about 2000 available cabinets in total. Since the advent of scrbh15 series products of CLP electric, they have been widely used in communication, coal, military, petrochemical and other industries to provide customers with high standard and professional services. Scrbh series amorphous alloy dry-type transformer product description: the iron core adopts high-quality amorphous alloy strip and three-phase three column manufacturing process, the no-load loss is about 70% lower than SC10, and the floor area is small; The low voltage winding is a foil structure with Nomex Paper as interlayer and end insulation, which is cured at high temperature after VPI vacuum pressure impregnation, with high mechanical strength; The high-voltage winding adopts the multi-layer segmented structure of Nomex Paper insulated conductor combined with the winding type production process, which is cured at high temperature after VPI vacuum pressure impregnation, with strong short-circuit resistance; Unique core suspension technology and end sealing process are adopted to ensure low stress and low noise of amorphous core; It adopts a unique semi encapsulated structure, with strong dust-proof ability and high insulation performance; The vibration model of amorphous alloy transformer is used for simulation analysis to find out quality control points and reduce product noise; Nomex Paper Insulation is used, heat resistance grade can reach C grade, recyclable, safe and environmental protection; Scope of application: it is suitable for places with low utilization rate of power distribution and high requirements of flammability, explosion and fire prevention.

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Address: 188 GANGLONG Road, Yangzhong Economic Development Zone, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province