Mining low voltage power distribution device

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Mining low voltage power distribution device






Product category: product center switch cabinet series product description: modular design, easy assembly, good scalability, small volume, high protection level, modular shell structure, high degree of standardization, wide selection range of electrical components, performance characteristics: small volume, small volume, high protection level. Special anti leakage measures are added in the design of anti leakage measures. The high strength shell is made of high strength 8MF profile. Strengthen the sealing technology. The door plate and the sealing plate shall adopt the strengthening sealing technology. The top is equipped with anti dripping measures.   Service conditions: ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃: altitude no more than 2000m; The relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 95% (at 25 ℃); There is no danger of gas and coal dust explosion and no violent vibration in the mine; In the environment without enough gas and steam to corrode metal and destroy insulation; Where a small amount of vertical dripping is allowed.   Product structure:     1. The basic structure of power distribution device is totally enclosed indoor. It is assembled and welded with high-strength 8MF profiles. The incoming and outgoing cables can be introduced from the bottom of the box. There are doors in the front and rear of the box. There are locks on the door. There are control switches, measuring instruments and signal indicators on the front door. The back door is for maintenance. The main bus in the power distribution device is placed on the upper part of the box and fixed with high-strength insulator or bus clamp. The electrical components are installed on the mounting plate in the box and fastened with bolts. Up, down, left and right can be adjusted freely, the installation is convenient and flexible.     2. The rubber sponge is used for the door and side plate of the power distribution device to realize the sealing requirements between the door and the box. There is a certain slope at the front and back of the box top, which has the function of anti dripping.     3. The power distribution device can be operated from the front of the box and overhauled from the back of the box.     4. Power distribution devices can be used alone or in groups.   Technical performance:     1. There are many primary schemes for power distribution equipment, and each loop in each scheme can be arbitrarily combined to form a new primary scheme, so as to meet the requirements of feeding, connection, power factor compensation and lighting.     2. The most advanced 660V (380V) and 127V oil-free electrical components in China are selected for the power distribution device, with advanced technology, stable and reliable performance and high breaking capacity.     3. There is an electrical interlock circuit between the disconnector and the circuit breaker or contactor in the power distribution device, which can effectively prevent the accident of switching on and off the disconnector with load.     4. The cable lead-in device of power distribution device can prevent the cable from twisting, pulling out and damaging, and has bolts convenient for grounding.     5. The arrangement spacing of the primary circuit bus and the supporting insulator of the distribution device have sufficient dynamic and thermal stability. The clearance and creepage distance of electrical components in the device meet the requirements of relevant regulations.     6. The power distribution device has reliable internal and external grounding device.     7. The wet and hot performance of the power distribution device meets the relevant provisions of GB3836 "explosion proof electrical equipment for explosive environment". When ordering, please provide the following information: A. number of primary scheme drawing, indicating the color of switch cabinet. b. Switch cabinet layout or distribution room layout. c. Model, specification and quantity of components in the switch cabinet. d. Load content and name. e. If there are special plans and requirements, they can also be designed and supplied according to their requirements.

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