Mine high voltage vacuum power distribution device

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Mine high voltage vacuum power distribution device






Product category: product center switch cabinet series product description: small size, excellent performance, novel structure; The protection is reliable; Small volume and light weight; It can be unattended; The method of use is flexible. Product introduction: ky-zdgc-z handcart type mine general high voltage vacuum power distribution device is mainly used in the power supply system of underground central substation, underground yard, main ventilation channel and main ventilation channel power distribution chamber in mine non gas coal dust explosion place, as the power distribution, protection and control of three cross current 50 Hz voltage 6 kV or 10 kV electrical equipment, It can also be used for direct starting or dry reactance step-down starting of high-voltage motors for underground fans and pumps. It is also suitable for coal mine ground substation and fan, winch control, including metallurgical, chemical and other power supply systems.   Product structure: 1. The switch cabinet is indoor closed type, and the protection grade is IP40, which meets the requirements of GB 12173 general electrical equipment for mining. 2. The basic structure is thin-walled structure made of thin steel plate or aluminum zinc coated plate. 3. The switch cabinet is a rectangular box. The box is divided into handcart room, instrument room, cable room and bus room by partition in the middle of the box. The instrument room is equipped with all control and indication instruments. The handcart room is equipped with handcart, plug-in contact seat and grounding plug, etc; Three conducting bars are fixed on the box insulator as through buses in the bus chamber; The cable room is equipped with bell mouth for cable introduction, varistor or resistance capacitance absorption device, and zero sequence current transformer can be installed according to different needs. There is also a small horn in the cable room, so users can introduce control line to realize remote control. The lower part of the front of the box is the quick opening door of the handroom, which is equipped with a mechanical closing handle, a circuit breaker, a mechanical opening and closing indicator, a mechanical opening button, etc. 4. The switch cabinet is equipped with mechanical and electrical interlocking devices, which can ensure the operation sequence and "five prevention" safety     - When the circuit breaker is closed, it can not move the test position from the working position or the working position from the test position.     - When the handcart is in the maintenance position or between the working position and the test position, the circuit breaker cannot be closed.     - The door of handcart room cannot be opened when the circuit breaker is closed. 5. There are small bus connection windows on the left and right side plates above the instrument room. The control small bus between cabinets can be connected with terminals conveniently, and it is also convenient for inspection and maintenance. 6. The switch cabinet has the advantages of simple operation and convenient maintenance. Open the door of the handcart room, put down the guide rail, press the locking device of the trolley by hand, and then pull the handcart by hand. The handcart can be pulled out from the box along the guide rail, and the main circuit electrical appliances on the handcart can be seen at a glance. When the front door is opened, the control and control instrument panel can be moved outside the box shell for inspection and maintenance through the rotating shaft folding structure. When the rear upper cover plate is opened, the electrical equipment in the bus room and cable room can be repaired. Performance features: the same type of handcart has good interchangeability, and the advanced technology of German similar products is introduced. The handcart adopts the central structure with good interchangeability. Special anti leakage measures are added in the design of anti leakage measures. High strength shell is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum zinc coated plate. Strengthen the sealing technology. The door plate and the sealing plate shall adopt the strengthening sealing technology. The top is equipped with anti dripping measures. Service conditions: ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃: altitude no more than 1000m; The relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 95% (at 25 ℃); There is no danger of gas and coal dust explosion and no violent vibration in the mine; In the environment without enough gas and steam to corrode metal and destroy insulation; Where a small amount of vertical dripping is allowed. When ordering, please provide the following information: A. number of primary scheme drawing, indicating the color of switch cabinet. b. Switch cabinet layout or distribution room layout. c. Model, specification and quantity of components in the switch cabinet. d. Load content and name. e. If there are special plans and requirements, they can also be designed and supplied according to their requirements.

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