Shanghai F1 Circuit


Shanghai international circuit is an important part of Shanghai International Automobile City to build automobile culture. The site is located in the northeast of Anting Town, Jiading District, about 7km away from the center of Anting town. Zhangpu River in the East, Songhe road and Donghuan Road in the west, Bao'an highway in the South and suburban Ring Expressway in the north, with a total area of about 5.3 square kilometers. The total length of the circuit is about 7 km (including the length of the reserve circuit), which is composed of formula one (F1) circuit and other types of circuits. The formula one circuit is 5.451 km long and 12-18 m wide. SG (b) series non encapsulated dry-type transformer product description: the low-voltage winding is made of high-quality copper foil and high-temperature insulating material, which is solidified into a solid whole by VPI vacuum pressure impregnation, with strong impact resistance; The high-voltage winding is made of pressed cake or continuous structure, and the interlayer insulation is made of C-grade insulating Nomex Paper, which is impregnated by VPI vacuum pressure and solidified at high temperature, with strong short-circuit resistance; The iron core is made of high-quality and high magnetic conductivity silicon steel with multi-stage stepping process and low no-load loss; After the service life, copper and silicon steel can be recycled, and the insulation material is completely degraded, which is an environment-friendly product; It is the first one in China to pass the fire resistance, environment and climate test of European standard HD464; DuPont relatran ® Core technology, volume reduction of 10%, material saving of 10%, insulation grade up to C level( Reliable; reliable; Transformers, reliatran ® It means: reliable transformer) can realize full intelligent data acquisition and analysis, intelligent "brain", active operation and maintenance; Scope of application: for shopping malls, residential areas, schools, hospitals and other places with high population density and strict safety requirements

Address: 188 GANGLONG Road, Yangzhong Economic Development Zone, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province