110kV oil immersed transformer

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110kV oil immersed transformer






Product category: product center oil immersed transformer product description: low consumption, energy saving, large capacity, safety, energy saving, low loss; Long service life; High temperature resistance. Product structure features: Nomex insulation + transformer insulating oil 1, high temperature resistant, safer     When the ambient temperature is 40 ℃, it can run continuously for a long time with 100% load     At the same temperature, the continuous load rate is 20% higher than that of oil immersed transformer   Ambient temperature (℃)  - ten   0   ten   twenty   thirty   forty   S9(K24)   one point two five   one point one seven   one point zero nine   one   zero point nine one   zero point eight one   SRN(K24)   one point three seven   one point three   one point two five   one point one eight   one point one   one   2. Low loss, more energy saving     Compared with ordinary oil immersed transformer, it can save 20% energy. 3. Maintenance free, more environmentally friendly     The seal has the same life as the transformer     Compared with ordinary oil immersed transformer, it can save 20% energy. Process features: insulation, high temperature resistance, mixed insulation and winding.   In order to improve the longitudinal capacitance distribution of high voltage coil under impulse voltage, the medium and small capacity of high voltage coil is tangled continuous type, and the large capacity is inner screen continuous type; All the coils are guided oil circulation structure, which can reduce the temperature rise of the winding, and the design life of the product is 30 years. The fully automatic laminating robot is fully automatic laminating, which adopts a fully inclined 45 degree 7-step step seam structure. The iron core will be made of high permeability cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with no hole binding, frame structure, D-shaped yoke structure, large area platform and stepped seam. Swiss imported automatic cutting lamination robot ensures that the burr of iron core is less than 20 µ m。 The multistage joint of iron core reduces no-load loss, no-load current and noise level. There are two kinds of tank structure: bell type and barrel type. All seals are end limit seal; The fillet of metal parts inside and outside the box shall be debugged, and the weld and seal shall undergo three leakage tests (fluorescence, positive pressure and negative pressure); The paint is made according to the antirust requirements of household appliances. Performance characteristics: low loss, no-load loss is 15% - 20% lower than national standard gb64511-2008, load loss is 5% lower than national standard gb6451-2008;   The low noise self cooling noise level will reach below 60dB, which is nearly 20dB lower than the national standard. If users have special requirements, they can also specially design and manufacture lower noise level; Low partial discharge the company for 110kV production task, special introduction of modern enterprise management mode, 110kV products will be the whole process of dust-free operation, internal metal parts, insulation parts all rounded, partial discharge control below 100pc. Strong short circuit resistance, 110kV transformer through certification, to ensure that no product due to sudden short circuit damage, strong reliability: beautiful appearance, full polishing rust removal, Powder electric spray paint can achieve the effect of home appliances spray paint, wide chip radiator, never leg color. No leakage. All the seals are made of acrylic material and one-time molding technology. No interface. We solemnly promise no leakage. Service conditions: it is suitable for the distribution network with high load rate under high temperature and places with impact load and continuous overload requirements. Such as: Iron and steel, metallurgical industry, railway transportation, power plant, hydropower station, etc.

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